Planning a Wedding

February 25, 2015

An Industrial Space for an Out-of-State Couple

Luke and I first meet in high school.  We always had same the group of friends but didn’t start dating until our first year of college.  We went to school two hours apart, but our long distance relationship worked out just fine!  After graduating, we moved to Michigan for Luke’s job and on Valentine’s weekend 2014, we got engaged while exploring our new state on a road trip.  It was simple, relaxed, and the perfect proposal to match our relationship!

Planning our wedding has certainly had some highs and lows.  I love doing the goofy things and making sure Luke is involved.  Finding our venue took longer than I was hoping, but it really is just the right atmosphere.  The absolute best part of wedding planning is meeting all these amazing people who know what they are doing and want nothing more than to see you happy on your big day.  Everyone we have worked with has been so insanely helpful, informative, and considerate.  Luke and I are very grateful for the guidance and support.  My biggest struggle in planning is trying to make sure everyone is happy with how it turns out.  Luke keeps reminding me it is OUR big day, so forget about what they think and make sure it is what YOU want because this is only going to happen once.  As usual, he is correct!

Although it took us a while to find a venue, once we found Reading Art Works we realized how well it fit our style.  Laid back, relaxed, and with a lot of old industrial influence, it is awesome!  We decided to keep that theme going and are keeping things simple and using industrial touches to decorate.  It also ties in with Luke’s second love: cars!  We are excited to see everything actually set up on the big day!

Another fun thing we decided to do was have an Ice Cream Sundae Bar instead of a cake.  When Luke and I first started dating, we went out for ice cream all the time.  So doing this is a fun little way to make our wedding more personal.

I actually wouldn’t say that there have been any hard decisions.  Once we knew what we wanted, we did it.  Sometimes, finding what we wanted was the hard part, but everything has worked out so far and we can’t wait for the final product in two months!!

Wedding Set Up at RAW

Wedding set up at RAW

A Wedding at RAW

A wedding at RAW













Food and Love

February 25, 2015

A Chef’s Blog on Wedding Cuisine

I have spoken to many brides and grooms and their families over the years and I have planned and executed many events.  Everyone has a vision of what kind of reception they want; some folks want a cocktail party atmosphere (usually the bride and groom), some folks want an elegant sit-down dinner (usually moms and dads), and others want a little of both. At the end of it all, everyone wants a great party and almost as importantly…a great value.

Planning and paying for a wedding reception have changed over the years.  In 2015, it is usually a collaborative effort between families so it is very important to select a caterer who understands what everyone wants and who can turn that vision into reality.

The most popular trend today (and a great value) is a “grazing” type of party, also known as a “Station Style” party.  The grazing party allows you to provide an upscale, yet casual gathering amongst family and friends with varied food stations.  It is a more relaxed atmosphere where everyone can eat, drink, mingle, and catch up with friends and relatives without the traditional structure of a formal wedding reception.

As a chef, I enjoy cooking for these grazing parties because I get to make great foods on a smaller “tasting scale”.  People love this concept; they get to taste a little bit of everything…mingling and grazing! We take grazing stations to a higher level. Braised Short Ribs with Parsnip Mash, tasting portions of your favorite seafood, comfort foods featuring mini pot pies, pasta dishes, wonderful dessert stations…the options are endless.  Team that up with great cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and people you love and you have a recipe for a great party with a great value as well.

The wedding process can be a yearlong relationship and it is important to me that the families feel that they are in good hands and that the Chef is personally involved at all stages of the planning.  I am always available to answer questions, talk about menus, and offer my advice and experience. I want to ensure that you are comfortable and confident that your event will be awesome.

Baked Brie Wheel en Crute

Baked brie wheel en crute

Antipasto Display

Antipasto display











Event Planning

ViVÁ Catering

February 25, 2015

Planning the Perfect Event

What’s the most important part of an event? Is it the venue? The food? How about the staff? With ViVÁ Catering you don’t have to choose just one! We will fulfill all your needs from beautiful event spaces to delicious food to an expert staff. With so many details to think about when planning an event, it’s amazing that anyone can keep them all straight. No need to worry though; our team of event planners and banquet managers are with you from day one all the way through to the conclusion of your event.

With the way the weather’s been lately it’s no wonder we’re already dreaming about summer! Besides, event planners have to work weeks, and oftentimes months, in advance. That means while everyone else is watching the weather channel and hoping it doesn’t snow, we’re planning picnics in our Chateau Tent and outdoor weddings on the beautiful Green Valley grounds. Another reason we’re looking forward to summer? Our new patio at the Green Valley Chateau will be finished, complete with a fire pit! What an amazing and unique area for a Cocktail Hour or party!

ViVA’s event planners work hard so you don’t have to. We want you to sit back, relax, and actually enjoy your special event!

The Green Valley Chateau Exterior

The Green Valley Chateau exterior


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Party On!

February 24, 2015

PartyMasterz Productions

PartyMasterz was created as a production agency and we started in the event industry 24 years ago. We offer many services under our umbrella and also have a vast network of vendors that we can refer our clients to for services we do not provide directly.  In house we offer DJ Entertainment, Photography, Videography, Photo Booths, Funtography, Décor, and Event Production. We are passionate about what we do and the smiles on our clients’ faces have been our inspiration all of these years.  As our business expands there is one thing that will not change…our commitment to our clients and their needs to ensure they have the best possible celebration imaginable.

We are finding that more couples are looking for an all-in-one location for their special day.  They want to be able to get married, take great photos, and celebrate their wedding all in one convenient location.   We are also seeing many more brides and grooms doing pre-ceremony reveals. This is often to save time post-ceremony as they are opting to take their formal wedding photos beforehand; they really want to get the party started!

There is a ton of advice to be given to those planning a wedding. If you are looking for a stress-free wedding where all you have to do is show up and enjoy everything about the day, then you need to hire professionals who have experience in the wedding industry.  Having Uncle Bob be your DJ just because he has a killer sound system, a large music collection, and because it’s free, does not make him an entertainer or Master of Ceremony. Speak to the pros first and understand their roles on the biggest day of your life. Remember, the best isn’t always free, but free isn’t always the best.

PartyMasterz Makes your Event Fabulous!

PartyMasterz makes your event fabulous!


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